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An advisor is a professional who is engaged in consultative work in the field of agriculture and rural life development. He/she advises individual clients, groups, organizations, interest groups and communities in the more general or specialized issues related to the field of rural development.

The advisers included in the advisory system have passed a professional committee located at the Rural Economy Research Centre which assesses those wanting to be advisers on the basis of the Professions Act and the professional standard. Furthermore advisers improve themselves by constantly training and cooperating with research institutions. Being well informed on the contemporary knowledge is certainly one of the advantages of an adviser operating in the advisory system because through the coordinating center takes place communication with information obtained from various organizations. Another benefit of consulting with the advisers is independent advice because it is in the interest of the advisers to provide interested parties with as high quality as possible advice, whereas not to engage in advertising inputs.

As of 01 March 2016 the number of advisers with a professional certificate was 203 (incl 54 in financial economics, 23 in animal husbandry, 30 in plat production and 14 in other areas concerning rural life and 82 in forestry).

Advisers specialize for the advisory work in the following areas or subareas or even in several areas:
• rural business and financial economics;
• livestock (including organic production and primary processing of products);
• plant production (including organic production and primary processing of products);
• horticulture (including organic production and primary processing of products);
• forestry
• fisheries (including primary processing of products);
• aquaculture (including primary processing of products);
• agricultural buildings;
• agricultural technologies;
• land reclamation;
• apiculture (including organic production and primary processing of products).

Advisers and counselors can be contacted also without visiting the advisory centers by finding the appropriate contact by selecting on the basis of the region or area from the database "Find an adviser".