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Advisory centers

In every county an advisory center has been set up, where those interested can turn to with various questions, to which the advisers provide answers obtained in the profession in the area of plant growing, livestock production and financial economics in rural areas. Each advisory center has been recognized by a decree from the Minister of Agriculture.

County advisory centers can be either a department of a farm or a producer union or an independent company. This difference arises from the historically established situation and the level of activity of the county professionals. Regardless of the form of advisory centers, the offered consultancy services and products are identical everywhere, as they belong to a common advisory system, which is engaged in the design and development thereof.

Upon choosing the appropriate advisory center it is recommended to agree to a time of meeting in advance.

All the contacts of the acknowledged advisory centres can be found below:

Harju county
Hiiu county
Ida-Viru county
Jõgeva county
Järva  county
Lääne county
Lääne-Viru county
Põlva county
Pärnu county
Rapla county
Saare county
Tartu county
Valga county
Viljandi county
Võru county

Harju Farm Union Advisory Centre,
Harju Farm Union NGO

Address: Üksnurme tee 8, Saku 75501
Phone: 604 2499
E-mail: htlnk[A]hot.ee
Website: www.hot.ee/htlnk

Hiiu County Advisory Centre NGO
Address: Mäe 2, Käina 92101
Phone: 463 1191; 5647 3322
E-mail: info[A]hiiuteave.ee
Website: www.hiiuteave.ee

Viru Advisory Centre,
Union of Ida-Viru County Farmers NGO

Address: Rakvere 27, Jõhvi 41533
Phone: 337 0527
Fax: 337 1185
E-mail: vnk[A]ivtl.ee
Website: www.ivtl.ee

Union of Producers in Jõgeva NGO
Address: Aia 2, Jõgeva 48306
Phone: 772 1107
Fax: 772 1107
E-mail: jtl[A]hot.ee
Website: www.jogevatl.ee

Farmer’s Aid NGO
1) Address: Jäneda 73602
Phone: 384 9725
Fax: 384 9720
2) Address: Pärnu mnt 56, Paide 72712
Phone: 385 0569
Fax: 385 0569
E-mail: apm[A]janeda.ee
Website: www.janeda.ee/apm

Lääne County Advisory Centre NGO
Address: Jaani 10, Haapsalu 90502
Phone: 472 9007; 5650 6109
E-mail: info[A]nouandla.ee
Website: www.nouandla.ee

Lääne-Viru County Agriculture Advisory Centre,
Union of Viru County Farmers NGO

Address: Vahtra allee 8, Roodevälja,
Sõmeru municipality 44207
Phone: 325 5099; 551 7871
Fax: 325 5099
E-mail: virunouanne[A]gmail.com
Website: www.virumaapml.ee

Union of Põlva County Farmers NGO
Address: Jaama 83, Põlva 63308
Phone: 799 2930; 799 2928; 5647 4215
Fax: 799 2930
E-mail: pltl[A]estpak.ee
Website: www.nouanne.ee/polva

Pärnu County Farmers Advisory LLC
Address: P. Kerese 4, Pärnu 80010
Phone: 443 0923; 444 1961; 5660 5964
Fax: 443 0923
E-mail: info@nouanne.ee
Website: www.nouanne.ee

Association of Advisers in Rapla NGO
Address: Kuusiku tee 6, Rapla 79511
Phone: 489 4342; 513 3983
Fax: 489 4342
E-mail: info[A]rny.ee
Website: www.rny.ee

Advisory Centre of Islands NGO
Address: Tallinna mnt 27, Kuressaare 93811
Phone: 455 6145
E-mail: saartenk[A]gmail.com
Website: www.saartenk.weebly.com

Tartu Rural Economy Centre,
Union of Tartu County Farmers NGO

Address: Jalaka 48, Tartu 50109
Phone: 736 6955
E-mail: ttl[A]kodu.ee
Website: www.tartufarmer.ee

Valga County Advisory Centre,
Union of Valga County Farmers NGO

Address: Vabaduse 26, Valga 68203
Phone: 766 1754; 504 2260
Fax: 764 1754
E-mail: valga.nk[A]gmail.com
Website: www.valgapl.ee

Advisory Centre for Agriculture in Viljandi NGO
Address: Vabaduse plats 4, Viljandi 71020
Phone: 433 3608
Fax: 433 3608
E-mail: nouandeyhing[A]vpnu.ee
Website: www.vpnu.ee

Advisory Centre of the Union of Võru County Farmers,
Union of Võru County Farmers NGO

Address: Liiva 11, Võru 65609
Phone: 782 1669; 782 4077; 5663 1990
Fax: 782 1758
E-mail: vtlinfo[A]hot.ee
Website: www.taluliit.info