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Central office

The central office is a support structure for advisors and local offices.

The tasks of the central office are:
to prepare and implement a development and action plan of the advisory system, monitor its performance and adjust activities according to the feedback received;
coordinate operationally the general and sectoral activities of the advisory system (plant production, livestock management, financial economics, rural diversification);
plan resources (including financial resources) and to monitor the targeted use of resources;
ensure effective advisory structure, based on the connection of research, education and consulting using scientific advances and innovation;
ensure the sustainability of the advisory system, including securing succession, regular self-improvement of the advisors (professional, in the field of communication), valuing the work of consultants, raising their motivation;
develop and implement consulting products;
implement the intra-system scheme of collection, processing and transmission of the feedback;
shape common operating standards used in the entire system, including a common brand, computer programs, packages of consulting products;
set up, administer and enhance the already established information and databases (including a common database of customers - the ones to be consulted, the consultants, trainers, etc) according to emerging needs;
recognize the sectoral effective work of the local offices and advisers on the provision of advisory services;
to arrange preparation of the data collections/materials necessary for the work of an adviser, to arrange joint procurement of the support tools necessary for the work of advisers;
deal with creating a positive image of the advisory system;
develop relationships and enter into cooperative agreements with public, cooperative and social organizations, both at home and abroad.

The information dissemination activities of the coordinating centre are:
extension of information dissemination services in the counties, including dissemination of the state and research information related to agricultural and rural economy, etc;
feedback collection and processing, submission of summaries of the work done with the proposals for the need for additional information and development of the system of dissemination of information for the Ministry of Rural Affairs;
administration of the web site of the advisory service www.pikk.ee.

The address of the central office is:
Kreutzwaldi 64, 51014 Tartu
Phone: +372 648 4920

E-mail: info[A]pikk.ee
Website: www.pikk.ee

Leho Verk
head of the advisory service
Phone: +372 50 29 571
E-mail: leho.verk@mes.ee