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Animal husbandry

Animal husbandry is the agricultural branch that deals with farm animals and poultry and also includes beekeeping and fisheries.
Estonian Rural Encyclopedia (2008), Part II, p. 56

In this section can be read about the breeding of various animals and bird species. Detailed information in the Estonian version.

The animal husbandry sector advisers (find the adviser) provide advice on the following topics:
• livestock and poultry breeding - preparation of breeding and insemination or mating plans and implementation guidance;
• animal and/or poultry keeping requirements;
• animals and/or bird feeding, preparation of feeding plans, feed rations and breeding guidance;
• animal husbandry record keeping and knowledge of the marking of animals;
• machinery, equipment and technologies necessary for animal husbandry;
• requirements set for animal husbandry buildings, facilities and structural design, direct support;
• basics of accounting of animal husbandry economics (including cost-benefit accounting, contribution margin and cost estimation, etc);
• animal husbandry production planning;
• basics of the primary processing of animal husbandry products;
• land use planning;
• forage sampling and knowledge of chemical analysis methods;
• basics of forage production;
• assessment of the analytical results of the quality of forage (organoleptic, laboratory tests)
• basics of breeding (including the assessment of farm animals)
• basics of veterinary and hygiene (including farrowing and primary determination of more common diseases by exterior signs, etc)