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Agriculture animal identification and registration

All cattle, sheep and goats must be marked and registered in ARIB (Agricultural Registers and Information Board) register of farm animals. The number on the ear tag is the registration number of the animal and stays with the animal throughout its life. ARIB provides all the cattle with a passport. In addition to the animals, the keeper of animals must register in ARIB all the buildings provided for animal husbandry. The register data is used to prevent the spread of animal diseases and for accounting agricultural subsidies.

Registry data can be used to identify the location of sick or suspect animals, to track the movement of animals from one animal keeper to another and into the country and out of the country. Also the day and the cause of death of animals must be entered in the registry. It is therefore very important that the data in the registry regarding the location of an animal would correspond to the location of the animal also in reality and that the animal keepers would enter in the registry the events taking place with the animals in a timely manner.