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Ear tags

Ear tags can be purchased in the Estonian Animal Recording Center (EARC) at Kreutzwaldi 48A, Tartu, or to place an order (telephone +372 738 7762 or fax +372 738 7755 or e-mail: myyk[A]jkkeskus.ee) with a wish to send goods via Estonian Post.

Ear tags can be purchased in the EARC only by an animal keeper registered in the registry of the Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB). If the animal keeper is unregistered in ARIB , he or she must first register (shall complete and submit a standard application) and only then is it possible to buy ear tags from EARC.
At the request of the animal keeper EARC shall issue ear tags also to the control assistant, a veterinarian or another person who represents the animal keeper. In this case, in the EARC is registered by the buyer of the ear tags and the animal keeper, for whose cattle the ear tags were purchased.

More information about the conditions of the sale of ear tags can be received from EARC, tel 738 7762 and the website www.jkkeskus.ee.