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Register of farm animals

Farm animal registry was created at the end of the year 2000 and it is kept by ARIB. The Registry contains 260,000 cattle, 35,000 sheep and 1,600 goats belonging to more than 10,000 animal keepers. In one month are entered in the registry 15,000 documents on the basis of which shall be recorded 38,000 events taking place with animals.
All documents arriving at ARIB are registered on the day of their arrival.

Seven registry secretaries handle receiving the documents and entering the data. The Animal’s registry office employs five chief specialists and one programmer. The chief specialists interact with the animal keepers; give advice on filling registration forms and other issues relating to the registration of farm animals. They also send out error messages and correct the data based on feedback.

Error messages are sent out on the data, which cannot be registered because they are faulty or incomplete. The animal keepers must send error messages with corrected data back to the registry within 15 days.

Animal Registry chief specialists are also responsible for checking the compliance of all animal data submitted for application of animal grants with the eligibility requirements.