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Registering of the pigs

As of the autumn 2003 the procedure of marking pigs changed. The marking and registering of the pigs of the main herd is no longer required. Only the pigs who are moving from one herd to another and to the slaughterhouse must be coded with the herd code.

Movement of pigs, sending to a slaughterhouse and import or export must be notified of with the aforementioned movement form. In case of movement of pigs, on the registry form should be noted the code of the pig herd from which the pigs were taken out, the number of the pigs taken out of the herd and the code of the herd where the pigs arrived. Two animal keepers may inform of the movement of pigs either by a common registration form or separately.
In case of pigs brought in from abroad or sent abroad must be indicated in the registry form in addition to the number of pigs and the herd code also the country from which the pig was brought in, or where they were sent. For receiving of a herd code for the pigs, the pig farmers must turn to the ARIB center.