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Registration inventories and registration certificates

At the end of each year ARIB sends to all animal keepers registration inventories for checking the animal data. The animal keeper must indicate on the printouts sent by ARIB regarding each animal also in which building the animal is kept. ARIB asks the animal keepers to return registration inventories with corrections to ARIB in a timely manner.

Registration inventory for checking the data of own animals can be requested by each animal keeper from the registry also during the year.

ARIB will also issue registration certificates of animals. It is a document validated by a stamp bearing the name of the animal keeper and the registration numbers of the animals. A registration certificate shall be issued to the animal keeper on the basis of a written application and free of charge.

Information on the registration of farm animals can be received from ARIB homepage www.pria.ee under animal registration link. From there it is possible by the registration number to also inquire the data of all the registered cattle, sheep and goats.

Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB) center address is 51009 Tartu, Narva mnt 3 ARIB farm animal registry phones are: +372 737 1253, +372 737 1252, +372 737 1242, +372 737 1211, +372 737 1278
Fax number for sending documents is +737 1251. Upon sending the fax we recommend to check by calling on the phone +372 737 1240 whether the documents sent have arrived.
ARIB regional offices contact details see here.

Estonian Animal Recording Centre (EARC) address is located in Tartu 50094, Kreutzwaldi 48a. For information on ear tags see the EARC home page at www.jkkeskus.ee under the link Ear tags.
Information on the arrival of the tags of the animals or on the way of delivery suitable for the animal keeper can be received from EARC telephones +372 738 7762 ja +372 738 7730.