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Registration of sheds

In addition to the animals must also be entered in the register of ARIB the buildings used for keeping animals to be able to track the exact location of each animal. Building must be registered by the person who uses this for keeping his/her animals. Shed complexes and sheds located close to each other may be registered as one building.

Applications for registration of livestock buildings shall be received on weekdays by ARIB regional offices where the animal keeper must together with an ARIB specialist determine also the exact location of the building on the map.

The registered building is given a registration number by ARIB, which consists of the ISO code symbol EE and of an up to 5-digit number. In case of pig farms the number of the building will be the pig herd code issued by ARIB.

In the future, animal keepers must also notify ARIB if the animal moves from one building to another.