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Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) activities are aimed at preserving biodiversity in Estonia and around the world in partnership with individuals, businesses, organizations and government agencies through the following activities: protecting endangered species and their habitats, preservation of natural landscapes and associations typical of Estonia, promoting sustainable use of natural resources, raising environmental awareness in society; seeking solutions how to keep living environment unpolluted for future generations. Read more www.elfond.ee.

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe - REC Estonia is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to contribute to solving environmental problems in Central and Eastern Europe, by developing cooperation with non-governmental organizations, governments and businesses promoting the free exchange of information and public participation in environmental decision-making. On the REC Estonia website one will find a database of non-governmental organizations, environment-themed publications database and more. Read more at: www.recestonia.ee.

Baltic Deal is a co-operation project of all the Baltic Sea countries which aims to reduce the negative impacts of agricultural activities on the environment, so that competitiveness and production volumes do not suffer. The final draft of the project was developed and tested in cooperation with all the Baltic Sea region countries with the development strategy of the agri-environmental consulting of the Baltic Sea countries. The key messages of the strategy are to strengthen model farms and the international cooperation among advisers and provide advisory support to rural entrepreneurs. In the course of the project emerged a number of cross-border added value, for example, in several countries were introduced national nutrient management programs.

In the course of the project, knowledge was obtained of the positive experience of the Baltic Sea countries of making manufacturing more efficient and of modern eco-friendly technologies. The project also gave an experience to take part in international discussions, presented the Estonian advisory system to the Baltic Sea countries and created the preconditions for the emergence of international co-operation networks. The project has benefited farmers, small entrepreneurs in rural areas and advisers.

In the project participated in addition to Estonia also the representatives of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia.

The project lasted for three years. The project was funded by the European Union's Baltic Sea Region Program 2007-2013 funds. The total project cost was EURO 3.8 million and Estonia's share of the budget for the project was EURO 0.3 million.

The project was completed in autumn 2013. The follow up plans are the Baltic Deal Bridge and then Baltic Deal 2.0, which focuses on the model farms network, the development of their activities and the continued strengthening of the advisory network.

In the project website www.balticdeal.eu and the Estonian website of Baltic Deal at www.pikk.ee/balticdeal you will find an overview of project activities and information on environment friendly agricultural practices. Web pages will be supplemented also after the end of the project.