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Plant production

Plant production is a branch of agriculture which deals with production of plant products required for food, feed and industrial raw materials.
Estonian Rural Encyclopedia (2008), Part II, p. 349

In this section can be read about different plant production crops and other issues related to this topic. More information in the Estonian version.

The plant production sector advisers (find the adviser) provide advice on the following topics:
• crop rotations and land use planning;
• basics of feeding of birds and animals;
• soil and forage sampling methodologies;
• basics of soil science and agricultural chemistry;
• arable and grassland crops, knowledge, cultivation and agricultural engineering thereof;
• agricultural and pasture crops seed production;
• plant diseases and pests and their control;
• machinery, equipment and technologies necessary for plant production;
•  knowledge of the requirements associated with plant production;
• basics of accounting of plant production (including cost-benefit accounting, contribution margin and cost estimation, etc);
• plant production planning;
• plant products (including animal feed) quality assessment;
• primary processing of plant production (including storage and maintenance);
• weeds, their knowledge and control;
• fertilizers and plant protection products, their storage, use and the planning of their use.