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Rural economy occupational health and safety

Each company emphasizes its uniqueness and so is each company's occupational health and safety organization unique. Therefore, each company must develop occupational health and safety documents specifically based on its enterprise. Since this topic is very versatile, it is strongly recommended to include the specialists mastering the topic.

The farmers and rural entrepreneurs belonging to the Estonian agriculture and rural economy advisory service are counseled by advisers. The advisers counseling in the occupational health and safety area have undergone relevant training and through experience gained many practical skills. Advisers follow in their work the main objectives, which are to be professional, customer-oriented, with a complex approach, efficient and confidential.

The adviser gives advice together with an occupational health service provider registered with the Health Board or having the activity license of the Health Board. Appropriate advice is a basis for the effectiveness of the production, shaping the work environment for employees to ensure a safe work and healthy work environment.

The contacts of the advisers advising in the field of occupational health and safety can be found here.