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Market information

The market information of the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce (ECAC) provides agricultural producers, agricultural product processors, distributors, and other interested parties with in-depth information about internal and external markets. Market information includes overviews and analyzes of the marketing situation in different countries, statistics and price information. Information that is collected, processed, and transmitted to the consumers will help make decisions that allow to lower the risks of the Estonian manufacturer both in domestic and foreign markets, as well as to secure a favorable outcome in price negotiations. On market information collection ECAC is based in particular on the areas more affecting the Estonian market by product groups. The Estonian language market information on different sectors is located here:
Milk information
Meat information
Grain information
Horticulture information
Potato information

Statistical Office (SA) provides the authorities, business and academic circles, international organizations and individuals with reliable and objective information service on the Estonian environmental, demographic, social and economic situation and trends. Official statistics are in line with international classifications and methods and meet the standards of impartiality, reliability, relevance, cost-effectiveness, confidentiality and transparency. Upon statistics the Statistical Office is based on the Official Statistics Act. For Statistics database, click here.

Estonian Institute of Economic Research (EKI) collects, processes and analyzes financial information so that on the basis of it can be done high quality macro-and micro-economic decisions.  To see the completed work of EKI click here.