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For a start-up entrepreneur

  • Enterprise Estonia (EAS)

Start-up and growth support of a start-up entrepreneur

Start-up support can be requested for up to 7,000 euros.  Support share of the project cost is a maximum of 80% and the self-financing is at least 20%.
It is possible to apply for a growth support up to 32 000 euros. Support share of the project cost is maximum of 65% and self-financing is at least 35%.
Start-up and growth support can be used for acquisition of fixed assets and conducting marketing activities. About start-up and growth support application read more.
Support can be used for the acquisition of machinery, equipment, or other tangible assets directly necessary for business activities. The cost of a single object of the acquired tangible assets property must be at least 100 euros and the useful life of at least 5 years. The seller of the assets must be a legal entity which in the past year has been engaged in the sales of the purchased tangible assets.
The support may be used for the transportation and setup costs related to the machinery and equipment acquired with the support.
Support can be used for conducting the marketing activities necessary for implementing the objectives of the project. The service provider must at least in the past year have been engaged in provision of the marketing services offered.
The support can be used for payment of the VAT paid in the framework of the project, if the applicant is not liable to pay VAT.

Start-up and growth support cannot be applied to agricultural activities.

  • Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund

Unemployment benefit

Right to unemployment benefit occurs when you are registered as unemployed by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, and you have during the 12 months prior to registering as unemployed been at least 180 days engaged in work or an activity equal to work or in an activities listed in the Employment Services and Support Act § 26 subsection 4 and you have no income in the extent of 31-times the daily rates of the unemployed benefit (65.41 euros per month in 2012).
Stipend and travel allowance
A participant in work placements, work practice, employment training and voluntary work is entitled to receive a stipend. The stipend is calculated on the basis of the data provided for each day of participation in the service. The daily rate of the stipend is 3.84 euros. The stipend is paid monthly to the bank account of the participant in the service.
For participation in the employment training is possible to apply for travel support. For receipt of travel support must be filled a formal application. Travel expenses are reimbursed 10 cents per kilometer. The maximum rate of travel support is 26 euros per day, this means that the support is paid for each day of participation in the service with a rate of 10 cents per kilometer, but no more than 26 euros per day.