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For an operating entrepreneur

Depending on the project area in Estonia the disbursement and management of UCITS funds is distributed among several entities:
Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB)
Enterprise Estonia (EAS)
Foundation Private Forest Centre
Environmental Investment Centre (EIC)
• INNOVE - Lifelong Learning Support
• State Informatics Centre (RIA) raising of information society awareness

In order to keep up with the ongoing activities of each fund, EAS administers a common database, which can be found: http://easbaas.5dvision.ee/  It is freely accessible to everyone. Displayed are the fields specifying the search which can but do not need to be filled in. If the no criteria are set, all the support measures in the database are displayed. The displayed support measures are divided by activities, status and deadlines. The status can be either closed or open or opening up. If in the deadline column is a date, then it means that this measure has a definite closing date and by no later than the closing date all the application documents must be submitted. If there are no entries in the deadline column, it means that the measure is open on an ongoing basis and the measure is open until the end of the fiscal resources. If the measure is closed at the moment, it does not necessarily follow that it could not be re-opened again. Several measures open for a fixed period once or twice a year. A measure may also be re-opened if an applicant who received a positive approval for whatever reason, abandons the project implementation and the consequently the remaining funds will be subject to re-allocation.

On each page of the support measure is given a brief introduction and the web address of the page where are the details of the support, the rules, the forms of the documents necessary for submission of the application, instructions and examples. In addition, it always pays to look up the corresponding measure regulation, stating the specific conditions and procedures for the allocation of the support. Regulation of the measure is the most detailed and comprehensive document and should definitely be read in detail prior to application!

It is certainly advisable to also consult the respective advisor, as they also deal with the topic of support on a daily basis and can provide an objective assessment and tips. In addition to support opportunities the advisers also advise on other issues, such as strategic planning, in addition to support also inclusion of other potential financial instruments or other business-related issues.

Advisers on ARIB support can be found here.
Forest sector advisers can be found here.
The consultants on EAS supportscan be found here.

In case of some EAS subsidies (e.g., export subsidy) prior consultation is mandatory. Upon pre-consultation it is possible to ask for an initial assessment of the proposed project. If it appears that the project is not eligible, you will save time and money at the expense of the filling of the application documentation and receive advice in what to take into account and how to continue to move forward.