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Services and products

The agricultural development of Estonia has become more and more intense, leading to the inevitable necessity to apply the results of research, to pay more attention to environmental care and to maintain a decent living environment. The development is accompanied by constantly changing economic conditions, legislation and policies, as well as the application of scientific innovation in business. Accession with the European Union (EU) has brought about changes in the business because of the need to adapt to the requirements arising from the EU accession. All this leads to a need for high-quality, demand-driven advisory services for, which will help companies to make production decisions taking into account economic, environmental and social requirements. In particular, farmers and other rural entrepreneurs need high-quality advisory services and an information dissemination support structure. The advisory service will be able to advise both large and small companies and the businesses already in place as well as start-ups. The advisers provide a wide range of services and several advisory products have been developed.