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Advisory support

Advisory support is for farmers or landowners who own at least 0,3 ha of cultivated land and are registered in Agricultural Registers and Information Board.

Client whos last years revenue was in the range of 4,000 to 100,000 euros, can apply to mentoring services. 

In order to recive the advisory support, the farmer or rural entrepreneur should recive donated services from advisors of Rural Development Foundation. Advisors offer following donated services:

• Advice in animal husbandry, crop production, organic farming, forestry, apiculture,  melioration, processing of agricultural products; environmental protection and nature conservation; cross compliance; occupational health and safety – 90% of cost is covered with advisory support.
• Financial advice: farm management, business plan, leadership – 50% of cost is covered with advisory support.
• Mentoring – 100% of cost is covered with advisory support.

The price of advice is 38,70 euros per one hour + VAT.
The price of mentoring is 40 euros per one hour + VAT.

Advisory support will be max 1500 EUR per one advisory service and max 3000 euros per client during one year.

Advice in writing business plan can be supported only one time per client during the periood.

Mentoring services per one client can be max 25 hours per year and 50 hours per periood. One mentor can have max five clients at the same time.